NOVA Giveaway

Exciting News! I’ve got a shiny new ARC of Nova up for grabs for one lucky reader!

NOVA ARCSo if you’re a fan of science fiction, YA crossovers, or just great writing, I hope you’ll consider entering! To find out what the book is about and read an excerpt, please feel free to visit my books page.

For those of you writers out there who are currently querying a novel or will be soon, I also have one query critique available as well. I queried three books before I got my literary agent, so I have plenty of experience and would love to help you!

To sign up for a chance to win the signed ARC of Nova and/or the query critique, please visit the entry site here. (USA only) Special thanks goes to my awesome friend and fellow author Michelle for setting this up and hosting it on her own site as well!



One thought on “NOVA Giveaway

  1. This is a prolonged, awesome moment. I can’t say enough how happy I am for you and to be able to see your cover and know that you’re book is coming out, well, it’s like the end of a fairy tale. I hope that your happily ever after includes more published books and that you will be able to stay true to your vision for what you want to write. Congrats again, Margaret!

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