Guest Article Today on Fantasy Faction

Today my guest article, “Writing a Book People Can’t Put Down: The Art of Pacing” is being featured on Fantasy Faction. In it, I talk about how to use pacing to write a “must read” book, as well as how I handled the pacing for Nova specifically.

As I’ve heard reports of various people with the ARC of Nova missing subway stops, trying to read through important meetings, or just generally blowing off work to read, I feel I may know just a little bit about the subject!

Also, I feel it’s my duty to tender a warning to all future readers:

Warning: Do not start reading Nova before important meetings, bedtimes, or while riding on any form of public transportation, including (but not limited to) subways, buses, and/or cable cars.

If you’d like a chance to miss your stops or blow off work, you can sign up to win an ARC of Nova on Goodreads. Also, I hope to give away a couple ARCs in the near future, so stay tuned!


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